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Administering common areas

Administer the common areas of HCL Connections.

  • Administrator checklist
    Consider tasks that you might want to complete after you install HCL Connections and before users start using it.
  • Administration tools
    Use the wsadmin utility to edit configuration properties or run administrative commands.
  • System maintenance
    Make sure HCL Connections works properly in your particular environment.
  • Managing content
    Use superusers, moderation, and other methods to manage HCL Connections content.
  • Administering the display of a site-wide banner
    Use a banner to promote your message on every page in Connections.
  • Administering the Widget container
    The Widget Container is the HCL Connections-specific integration of the Common Rendering Engine, also known as the CRE.
  • Managing access
    Manage roles, credentials, users, and directories, and allow third-party access to HCL Connections data.
  • Managing external user access
    Manage the access that people from outside your organization (external users) have to your HCL Connections implementation.
  • Customizing the deployment
    Perform optional tasks to customize your HCL Connections deployment.
  • URL Preview
    URL preview allows users decide quickly whether to follow a link by displaying a thumbnail preview for URLs.

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