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Administering the News repository

You administer the News repository using scripts accessed using the wsadmin client. Changes to News configuration settings require node synchronization and a restart of the Home page server before they take effect.

Events are generated by the different HCL Connections applications whenever an activity occurs in the system. Information about these events is stored in the News repository, and the Home page application pulls data from the repository to display only the events that are relevant to a particular user on that user's Home page. You can configure News configuration settings to control how the information that the Home page receives from the News repository is stored and administered.

  • Accessing the News configuration file
    To make configuration changes to the News component in HCL Connections, you must first access the News configuration file.
  • News administrative commands
    Use the commands listed to administer the News repository.
  • Synchronizing News data with other applications
    Edit settings in the news-config.xml file to define the interval at which data from the HCL Connections applications is synchronized with the News repository.
  • Managing scheduled tasks for the News repository
    Use administrative commands to manage scheduled tasks for the News repository.
  • Configuring database clean-up for the News repository
    Edit settings in the news-config.xml file to define the interval at which the different database clean-up tasks run and specify when the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server scheduler starts the tasks.
  • Reallocating and load balancing users according to mail domain
    Use the NewsEmailDigestService.loadBalanceEmailDigest() command to manually reallocate and load balance users in the different email tranches (or groups of email addresses) used by the email digest.
  • Purging compromised reply-to IDs
    Use the NewsMailinService commands to delete compromised reply-to IDs from the system and ensure that replies are received from secure IDs only. If a particular reply to ID is being misused, you can delete that ID from the system while keeping the user’s other valid IDs active.
  • Registering third-party applications
    Use the NewsActivityStreamService commands to register third-party applications. An application in this context is an OpenSocial gadget that is compatible with HCL Connections.
  • Administering microblogs
    You can perform a number of administrative tasks to manage the microblogging feature in HCL Connections.
  • Activity stream search
    The activity stream search service provides an indexing and search infrastructure that is bundled with the News application. This service provides search capabilities over the activity stream.

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