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URL Preview

URL preview allows users decide quickly whether to follow a link by displaying a thumbnail preview for URLs.

Thumbnails are renderings of rich metadata to point to accessible HTML resources in microblog messages in the Activity Stream.

URL preview supports the following OpenGraph metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • An image representation of the resource

Metadata is obtained from the following contexts:

  • User input focus (as the user types the url in the microblog message)
  • Activity Stream (events about microblogs)
  • Status Updates

  • Configuring URL preview
    Edit og-config.xml in the <dmgr_profile_root>/config/cells/<cell>/LotusConnections-config directory to configure both the oEmbed and thumbnail end-points. oEmbed returns the metadata that is associated with a URL passed in input.

  • URL preview security
    Restrict URLs accessible by the oEmbed and image proxy service and fine-tune the maximum number of HTTP Connections.

Parent topic:Administering common areas