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Adding supplemental content to Profiles

You can use IBM® Tivoli® Directory Integrator assembly-line commands to add photo files and pronunciation files for your users to the Profiles database.

Note: When xWindows is not installed on your system, the load_pronunciation_from_files and load_photo_from_files commands might not work. In this scenario, you must change the default value of the headless_tdi_scripts setting in the file from false to true as follows:


Related information is available in the IBM Security Directory Integrator solutions for HCL Connections real-world scenarios wiki article.

  • Uploading pronunciation files
    Profiles users can add a recording of how their name is pronounced to enhance their profile. As administrator, you can use IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator assembly-line commands to populate the profiles database repository with pronunciation files for your users.
  • Populating Profiles with photos from another Profiles database
    You can use IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator assembly-line commands to transfer photos of your users from one Profiles database to another.

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