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Security token properties

You can configure security token properties in the LCC/opensocial-config.xml in the LotusConnections-config directory.

Property Default Description
containerTokenTTLSec 1800 The number of seconds that a container token is considered valid before the application makes a hard check of the current users' authentication data. Smaller values result in more server load from users who leave windows opened to Connections.
transientErrorRetryIntervalSec 60 The interval to of seconds to wait before reattempting failed container token update requests.
authErrorRetryIntervalSec 300 The interval for users reattempting container token rechecks that fail due to authentication issues.
containerTokenCheckSec 5 The frequency by which the system polls the auth-check cookie to validate the current users' SSO data. This allows logouts to propagate between browser tabs.
scopeAuthCheckCookieToSSODomain false The scope to which the auth-check cookie is set. Only change this value if you have vanity URLs for Connections such as,,,, and so on.
gadgetTokenTTLSec 2700 The number of seconds the gadget tokens are considered valid before the system issues a request to refresh the gadget tokens.

Parent topic:Administering the Widget container