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Configuring HCL Domino for email notification replies

Configure HCL Domino® to direct email notification replies to a dedicated mailbox.

Install and configure an HCL Domino server. See the HCL Connections system requirements for supported Domino versions.

The steps in this topic are required to configure Forums so that users can reply to forum topics by email. When a reply is added to a forum topic, an email is sent to followers of that forum and that topic. Users receiving that email can respond by email. The content of that response is added as a new reply in the forum, after the original.

A mail server uses a rule or trigger to direct reply emails to a mailbox dedicated for this purpose. The HCL Connections server uses a WebSphere® Application Server mail session to process this mailbox periodically, adding content to the forums. This topic documents how to configure a Domino server to direct reply emails to a dedicated mailbox.

  1. Open the Domino server and click the Domain tab.

  2. Expand Messaging in the navigator, and then click Configuration.

  3. Select the messaging server and click Edit Configuration.

  4. Click the Router/SMTP tab, then the Restrictions and Controls tab, and then the Rules tab.

  5. Click New Rule and create a rule that moves emails containing lcreplyto_ in the To field to the mailbox, for example:

    When To contains lcreplyto_ move to Database mail\\mailin.nsf

    Where mail\mailin.nsf is the location and name of your dedicated email reply mailbox.

  6. Domino moves the emails to the Sent view instead of the Inbox of the mail database. Create a Notes® agent to move the emails from the Sent view to the Inbox.

    1. Open the mail server in Notes.

    2. In the People & Groups tab, expand PeoplebyOrganization.

    3. Edit the account of the user used to direct reply mail.

    4. Click Open Mail File.

    5. Select the View > Agents menu item.

    6. Click New Agent.

    7. Add the following Lotusscript to the agent:

      Note: The following script is only an example to be used for reference, and you will need to change or adjust the script based on your actual environment.

      Sub Initialize
          Dim session As New NotesSession
          Dim db As NotesDatabase
          Dim view As NotesView
          Dim doc As NotesDocument
          Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
          Set view = db.getView("$Sent")
          Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument()
          While Not(doc Is Nothing)
              Call doc.PutInFolder("$inbox")
              Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc)
      End Sub
    8. Open the agent properties:

      • In the Options section select Shared.
      • In the Runtime section select On schedule, and then select More than once a day.
      • In the Target field select All new & modified documents.
      • Set a schedule, for example have it run every 5 minutes, all day.
        1. Before running the script ensure you have adequate permissions to run it.

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