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Standard properties in the data model

The Profiles component defines a set of standard properties to support common organization directory needs.

Standard properties

Property information is presented in the following table as:

  • Label – The information represented by the property, if a compound set of values are represented then all are listed
  • Property – The property syntax as it would appear in the profile type configuration
  • Editable – Indicates if the property can support editing by the end user in the user interface; TRUE = yes, FALSE = no
  • Full text indexed - Indicates if the property supports inclusion in the search index; TRUE = yes, FALSE = no
Label Property Editable Full text indexed
Address 1

Address 2



Postal code
workLocationCode FALSE TRUE
Assistant number

Assistant name

Assistant email
secretaryUid TRUE TRUE
Country code

countryCode TRUE TRUE
Department number

Department title
deptNumber TRUE TRUE
Employee number employeeNumber TRUE TRUE
Employee type employeeTypeCode FALSE TRUE
Is Manager isManager FALSE TRUE
Job title jobResp TRUE TRUE
Manager number managerUid FALSE TRUE
Organization orgId FALSE TRUE
Shift shift TRUE TRUE

The attributes assistant number, country code, and department number are editable. The assistant name,assistant email, country, and department title are resolved from the associated value.

Label Property Editable Full text indexed
Alternate email groupwareEmail TRUE TRUE
Alternate last name alternateLastname TRUE TRUE
Building bldgId TRUE TRUE
Calendar link calendarUrl TRUE TRUE
Courtesy title courtesyTitle TRUE TRUE
Fax number faxNumber TRUE TRUE
Floor floor TRUE TRUE
Free or busy time link freeBusyUrl TRUE TRUE
IP telephony number ipTelephoneNumber TRUE TRUE
Mobile number mobileNumber TRUE TRUE
Name displayName FALSE TRUE
Native first name nativeFirstName TRUE TRUE
Native last name nativeLastName TRUE TRUE
Office officeName TRUE TRUE
Office email email TRUE TRUE
Office number telephoneNumber TRUE TRUE
Pager ID pagerId TRUE TRUE
Pager number pagerNumber TRUE TRUE
Pager service provider pagerServiceProvider TRUE TRUE
Pager type pagerType TRUE TRUE
Preferred first name preferredFirstName TRUE TRUE
Preferred language preferredLanguage TRUE TRUE
Preferred last name preferredLastName TRUE TRUE
Time zone timezone TRUE TRUE
None guid FALSE TRUE
None tenantKey FALSE FALSE
None loginId FALSE FALSE
None distinguishedName FALSE FALSE
None givenName FALSE TRUE
None surname FALSE TRUE
None title FALSE TRUE
None lastUpdate FALSE FALSE
None profileType FALSE TRUE
None sourceUrl FALSE FALSE
None userid FALSE FALSE
Label Property Editable Full text indexed
About me description TRUE TRUE
Background experience TRUE TRUE
Blog link blogUrl TRUE TRUE

Parent topic: Customizing the Profiles data model

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