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Administering Moderation

Configure and administer moderation so that moderators can review content for blogs, forums, and community files from a central interface.

These components are required for moderation.

  1. Install the Moderation application as part of the Connections installation or migration.
  2. Assign users to the role of global moderator so they can moderate content from a central interface.
  3. Configure moderation in the contentreview-config.xml file if you want to enable moderation features such as owner moderation or assign content reviewers for flagged content.

  4. Moderation overview
    If the moderation application is installed and enabled, you can define a person or set of people who will review and approve the content that users add to certain applications before it is published or review and act on content that has been flagged as problematic.

  5. Moderated content states
    When content is moderated, it can be in a variety of states before and after being published.
  6. Managing content moderation and flagged content
    Edit configuration property settings in the contentreview-config.xml file to enable moderation and to specify what moderators should receive email notification when content requires moderation. Restart your applications to see the changes.

Parent topic: Managing content