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Making the Connections Add-in for Outlook available to users

The HCL Connections Add-in for Outlook must be added to the users’ Outlook environments. This can be done by the Exchange administrator, or by the users directly.

Deploying as an Exchange administrator:

  • Administrators can deploy plugins using the Exchange add-ins admin panel
  • Select ‘Upload customer add-in’
  • Enter manifest URL or upload manifest file
  • Manifest URL: https://<CONNECTIONS_URL>/<CONTEXT_ROOT>/manifest.xml
  • For example, https://my.connections.server/outlook-addin/manifest.xml
  • As Admin, you can control whether the Outlook add-in automatically appears or is available to users
  • Microsoft’s detailed instructions: Deploy add-ins in the admin center

User-deployed (sideloaded) from within Outlook

Parent topic: Integrating with Connections Outlook Add-in for Microsoft Outlook