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Installing Tiny Editors for HCL Connections

Install the Tiny editors: TinyMCE to get a powerful editing experience inside HCL Connections™ with a streamlined user-interface and unparalleled customization.

Before proceeding, download and extract (unzip) the Tiny Editors for HCL Connections package from the HCL License & Delivery portal.

  1. Optional: Installing Tiny Editors Selector
    The Tiny Editors Selector is a WebSphere application which allows the editor to be set for each user or role. This task can be skipped if you want to use the same editor for all users.
  2. Optional: Installing Tiny Editors Services
    The Tiny Editors Services provide the following functionality for the Tiny Editors: spellchecking, link checking, and automatic embedding linked media. This task can be skipped if the spellchecking, link checking, and embed media features are not required.
  3. Installing the Tiny Editors integration
    This section covers the installation of the Tiny Editors for HCL Connections integration package, providing TinyMCE for HCL Connections.

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