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Optional: Installing Tiny Editors Services

The Tiny Editors Services provide the following functionality for the Tiny Editors: spellchecking, link checking, and automatic embedding linked media. This task can be skipped if the spellchecking, link checking, and embed media features are not required.

  1. Configuring the application.conf for the Tiny Editors Services
    The Tiny Editors Services require configuration to allow communicating between the Tiny Editors WebSphere Application and external websites.
  2. Configuring the SSL certificates for the Tiny Editors Services
    This task provides procedures of configuring the trust store to include the certificates required for communicating with outside web servers. This is not required for spell-checking but is required for media embedding or link validation.
  3. Installing the Tiny Editors Services
    Installing the Tiny Editors Services will provide the Tiny editors with spellchecking, link checking and media embedding functionality.
  4. Starting the Tiny Editors Services application
    The Tiny Editors Services must be started before they can be used.
  5. Regenerate the webserver plugin
    After installing new services, apply the new routing rules on the webserver by regenerating the plugin.

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