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Create an application.conf for the Tiny Editors Services

Create a configuration file to define the settings for the Tiny Editors Services.

  1. Using a text editor, create a new file named application.conf under the following directory:

    Path Operating System
    /opt/ephox/application.conf On Unix or Linux
    C:\opt\ephox\application.conf On Windows: where C is the boot drive for your system.

    Note: Use a plain text editor to avoid inserting invalid formatting or symbols into application.conf. Do not use a rich text editor such as Microsoft Word for editing configuration files.

  2. Add the setting.

    Attention: The setting is required. It must list all in-use names ( "protocol://host:port" ) for the HCL Connections™ server to allow the Tiny Editors to access the services without returning Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) errors.

    ephox {
      allowed-origins {
        origins = [

    See also Sample application.conf

  3. Add application.conf settings required for Link-checking and Media-embed.

  4. Save the configuration to application.conf.

  5. If the services have been deployed, stop and restart TinyEditorsServices to apply the configuration changes.

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