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What is HCL Connections?

HCL Connections brings social networking to the enterprise and helps you to communicate, collaborate, and build strong relationships with others. Stay connected from the office or your mobile device. HCL Connections consists of the following applications: Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Files, Forums, Home page, Metrics, Profiles, and Wikis. Whether you want to share information, build a network of useful contacts, or follow people, there is an application for you.

Use HCL Connections applications to accomplish the following goals:

Activities : Collaboration tool for collecting, organizing, sharing, and reusing work that is related to a project goal.

Blogs : Online journals that you can use to deliver timely information with a personal touch. You can use a blog to present your ideas and get feedback from others or learn from the expertise of others who blog.

Bookmarks : Social bookmarking tool for saving, organizing, and sharing Internet and intranet bookmarks. Discover bookmarks that were created by others with similar interests and expertise.


This application was previously named Dogear.

Communities : A place where people who share a common interest can interact with one another, share information, and exchange ideas. Community members can participate in community-specific activities and forums, and can share blogs, bookmarks, feeds, and files.

Files : A common repository in which you can upload files and share them with others. Store versions of a file, view who downloaded a file or commented on it, and see files that are recommended by others.

Forums : A place to brainstorm and collect feedback on topics that are relevant to you and your colleagues. Statements and comments are collected in a format that captures the exchange of ideas and presents them as an ongoing conversation.

Homepage : A central location that provides a snapshot of the latest updates from HCL Connections and where you can work with entries in your activity stream. You can also check the latest updates to the content and from the people that you are following and post your own status updates.

Libraries : Provides a way to add files and work with drafts, reviewers, and publishing in Communities, and also to manage files from remote document repositories. Libraries require the Communities application.

Profiles : Directory of the people in your organization, helping you to form and encourage effective networks across your organization.

Moderation : When enabled, moderation allows designated moderators to review and approve content before it is published.

Metrics : Statistics tool that collects and displays information about how people use Connections applications. Community metrics show details on a particular community, while global metrics show information across all of Connections.

Wikis : A tool for creating wikis that individuals, groups, and communities can use to capture, share, and coauthor information. View page changes, recommendations, and comments.

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