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Before installing HCL Connections™, study the system requirements, deployment options, and documentation conventions.

  • Audience
    This Installation Guide assumes that you have prior experience with products that support enterprise web applications.
  • Directory path conventions
    Directory variables are abbreviations for the default installation paths for Linux™ and Microsoft™ Windows™. This topic defines the directory variable and its matching default installation directory for each supported operating system.
  • Deployment options
    Install HCL Connections in one of three deployment topologies to achieve optimum scaling, load balancing, and failover.
  • Deployment requirements for supporting 8.0 functionality
    Learn which new features and functionalities are supported in your Connections 8.0 CR2 deployment, depending on whether or not you install Component Pack.
  • HCL Connections system requirements
    A variety of hardware and software is required to run HCL Connections.
  • HCL Connections support statement
    The statement proposes revisions to the definition of "supported" and "unsupported" with respect to the various products on which HCL Connections depends for proper operation.
  • Worksheet for installing HCL Connections
    Record your installation and configuration data.

Parent topic: Administering Connections 8.0

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