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Connections Content Manager error messages

Use the codes included in the error messages that are generated by Connections Content Manager to identify configuration problems and find their solutions.

CCM errors

The following configuration error messages are generated by Connections Content Manager:

Message Cause Solution
CLFWY0803I: media list is null for    
CLFWY0804E: platform is invalid    
CLFWY0800E: could not find first pages    
CLFWY0801I: could not find last processed page.    
CLFWY080E: could not find page for restart token {0}    
CLFWY0802I: Media List Generator failed to retrieve page {0}    
CLFWY0806I: restart from beginning An error occurred during the generation of thumbnails. Restart token might not exist. Start generateFromSeedlist script again.
CLFWY0807I: restart handler is null    
CLFWY0808E: restart token parameter is empty    
CLFWY0809E: restart token parameter is null Restart token cannot be found or is null Start generateFromSeedlist script again.
CLFWY0810I: the maximum total events has been exceeded {0}    
CLFWY0811E: this file stream is null    
CLFWY0812E: this.getrestartstring is empty    
CLFWY0813I: this page token is null    
CLFWY0814E: this platform is null    
CLFWY0815E: Crawler exception    
CLFWY0817I: Starting Crawl {0}    
CLFWY0818I: Starting Page={0}    
CLFWY0811E: this file stream is null    
CLFWY0819E: Failed crawl {0} exited after {1} seconds. {2} events processed on {3} pages    

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