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Troubleshooting OAuth errors

OAuth is used to manage the list of client applications that are allowed to prompt users for access to their HCL Connections™ data.


The OAuth support feature consists of four parts:

  • The WebSphere® Application Server OAuth Application that exposes authorization and token endpoints, and a feed of authorizations.
  • The WebSphere Application Server OAuth TAI that intercepts requests to OAuth-protected API endpoints and sets the user principal in the request, handling error response codes.
  • The Connections OAuth Provider support module that exposes an Application Access page, Access Request screens, and a ProviderInitializer context listener that is used by all Connections applications.
  • The Connections OAuth Consumer Proxy that resides in the WidgetContainer application, which is responsible of the OpenSocial gadget container.

Troubleshooting guidelines

Add the strings from table 1 to log level details. Then, restart Connections and inspect trace logs. The OAuth components are verbose and write a sizable quantity of diagnostic messages to the trace log.

Component Trace strings
WebSphere Application Server OAuth TAI and endpoint servlets*=all
Connections OAuth Provider initializer, platform, DAO, and MBeans*=all
CRE OAuth Consumer Proxy ```

org.apache.shindig.gadgets.oauth2.=all (MuM proxy)

|Connections CRE integration layer|```*=all*=all*=all



Type Error URL Reason Solution
Response in the user interface ```
Error 404: javax.servlet.ServletException:
Filter [OAuth20ClientAuthnFilter]: filter is unavailable.

|http://server:port/oauth2/endpoint/connectionsProvider/authorize?client_id=<client_id>&redirect_uri=<redirect_uri>&response_type=code&scope=Connections&state=<state>|The authorization screen URL is invalid. This happens if the {oauthSvcUrl} placeholder in the authorization URL parameter was not replaced successfully.|Make sure the ProviderInitializer context listener completes initialization successfully. Check errors in the logs to find an appropriate solution for each case.|

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