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Sharing a file or folder

View information about sharing a file or folder.

To view information about sharing a file, right-click a file or folder and select HCL Connections then click the Sharing tab. You can see information including the names of people and communities who share the file or folder.

  • If you have the permission to share a file or folder, do any of the following in the Sharing panel:
  • To share a file or folder, click the plus button and specify the name of the person or the community you want to share with, as well as the access level.

    You can optionally make the file or folder public by choosing to share with Everyone in organization.

  • To permanently remove a person or a community from the sharing list, select the name and click the minus button.

  • To change the sharing properties, click the action menu and choose Allow others to share this file or Stop sharing this file. Cloud users can also choose an option to Allow people outside of my organization to share this file.

  • To access full sharing information for the file, click the Open in browser button and perform sharing actions from the browser interface.

  • Do any of the following from My Drive:

  • Right-click a folder or file name and choose Share to open the Sharing panel.

  • To send a link to the file, select File Actions > Send URL to create an email with the file name in the subject field and the link to the file in the body of the message.

  • To copy a link to the file, select File Actions > Copy URL to copy the link to the clipboard. From there, you can manually paste it into a mail message.

    Note: You can also share a link from the About page if you are the person who last created, modified, or locked the file. Click your name and choose Send link to create a mail message.

  • Sharing a folder makes the content available to everyone you share with. Special rules apply to sharing or editing files in folders.

  • If you share a folder with people, all content in the folder is shared as well. However, when a file is added to a folder, everyone with whom the file was shared previously can still access the file and the file owner can continue to share just the file with others. In other words, a file can be shared more broadly than the folder it is in.

  • Nested, or subfolders, inherit the sharing properties of the parent folder. These properties cannot be modified for the subfolders.

  • Folder editors can add files that are shared with them to a folder. Folder editors can edit files in folders if the file owner has checked the option Allow folder editors to edit this file. This keeps control over the file content in the hands of the file owner while still allowing the file to be shared and organized.

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