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Working with Status Updates

Keep up-to-date with what is happening in your network with the Status Updates sidebar application.


Do the following to work with your status updates:

Task Steps
Manage your status Do any of the following:- Enter a status message and click Post to publish it.
- Click Reset to clear your current update.
- Right-click an update you posted and choose Delete to remove it.

| |Share a photo or a file with others|To share a photo or file, enter the text for an update, then click Attach a File. Browse for a local file. The file is appended to your post so that others can view or download it.| |Interact with other people in your network|Do any of the following:- To comment on an update, click Add comment, enter your comment and click Post Comment. - To view all of the status updates for one person, click the name of the person to view their board. You can also change the search scope to People and begin to type the name or email of a colleague. The type-ahead feature returns matches. Choose the matching name to view all updates from that person. - Click a file attachment that a colleague has posted to open the file in an appropriate application.

| |Recommend posts and comments|To recommend a post, open the entry or comment and click Like to recommend it. Click Undo if you no longer want to recommend it.| |Interact with communities you can access|Do any of the following:- To post an update to a community you can access, use the search bar to find the community. You can change the scope to search all communities, public communities, or communities for which you are a member. Status updates you post to a community display in the Recent Updates view of the community. - Choose the I’m Following > Communities view from the application menu to view all recent updates to these communities.

| |Change the view in the application window|To change views, click the menu icon for the application and choose from one of these views: - I’m Following displays all updates for people and content you are following. You can also choose to filter what displays so you can view a more targeted list of updates. - Status Updates displays status updates but no other notifications from colleagues. - Discover displays updates and other activities from your colleagues, whether they are in your network or not. - Recent Communities lets you pick a community you accessed recently to view recent updates posted to that community. - Connections Preferences opens the preference page where you set the server URL and log-in credentials for connecting to an HCL Connections server.

| |View a colleague’s profile in HCL Connections|To view a profile in HCL Connections, right-click an update and select Open in Browser. Connections opens in the default Web browser so you can view and interact with the profile for the person you selected.| |Forward a status update|To forward a status message using Lotus Notes®, right-click an entry and choose Forward this Entry. The comment is inserted into an email form.| |Work with updates from the system tray|Do any of the following:- To update your status when you are not working in Notes®, right-click the Status Updates icon in your system icon tray and select Update Status. Enter your status and click Update. - To view status updates when you are not working in Notes, right-click the Status Updates icon in your system icon tray and select View Status Updates. This opens your Notes client with the Status Updates application open.


Parent topic:Using the HCL Connections Status Updates Plug-in for HCL Notes