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Editing library file properties

View and edit properties associated with a library file.

The properties associated with a library file list information such as the file name, description, and social context all in one place.

  • To view the properties for a file, right-click a library file, click Properties, and do any of the following tasks.
  • Edit the file name.

  • Add or edit a description.

  • Add tags.

  • Like or follow the file.

  • Click Share to view or edit the sharing properties for the file.

  • View information about how many likes and downloads the file has.

  • View the number of comments or click Details to open the browser to add a comment.

  • View version information or click Details to work with library file versions.

  • Click the name of an author to view their business card or email a link to the file.

  • Check out the file if it available.

  • Click the Document Type tab and view document properties. You can optionally filter the properties to only display required properties.

Parent topic:Working with libraries