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Sharing a library file

Share a library file to make it available to others.

Sharing is inherited from the parent folder. By default, all community members are readers for library files. If a library belongs to a public community all Connections users will be readers as default. You can expand access but you cannot restrict it. You can extend access to all community members or to individual members. For example, you can allow all members of the community to edit the library file.

  • To view the properties for a file, right-click a library file, click Properties, and click Share. Do any of the following:
  • To change the access for an individual community member, choose Member, choose the access role, enter the name or email address for the user, and click Share.

  • To change access for all members, choose All Community Members, choose the access role, and click Share.

  • To undo an access change for an individual member, select the member name and click Remove.

  • To reset the access for all community members to the access for the parent folder, click Reset.

Parent topic:Working with libraries