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Admin panel

This section describes creating custom grids and layouts and CSS for all pages. If you are Admin, you can reach the Admin panel on every Connections Engagement Center page by clicking the Customize button.

  • Grid and layout
    The Custom Homepage can either be displayed above the Activity Stream and with the Connections built-in Right-Column or as separate page. You have to choose a layout for your Custom Homepage. Default is Grid 1.
  • Custom CSS and images
    You can customize the appearance of nearly every visible element of your Connections Engagement Center. Include your own CSS or create a custom CSS file. Upload a stylesheet to the Connections Engagement Center-Settings tab. This topic describes how to apply custom CSS to UI elements and includes sample CSS.
  • Include Custom.js
    If you want to include customized JavaScript you have to download the custom.js. You can find this file in the Connections Engagement Center Settings tab in the customization file list. Alternatively, you can use the Direct Edit button.
  • Customize the language file
    You can create a new language file, by downloading the template file and editing a copy of it or by using the Direct Edit button.
  • Edit css, js, and json files
    The Direct Edit option allows you to edit stylesheets, Javascript, and language files without having to download the files, edit them, and upload the files again.
  • Include your Favicon
    You can also include a custom favicon. Therefore you only need to upload a favicon.ico file in the Connections Engagement Center-Settings tab. This favicon will be used on every Connections Engagement Center page.
  • Create widgets
    Click on the widget tab and click on any widget type from Add widgets. The widget ID is autogenerated upon creation but can be edited in edit mode for the widget once it is added to the page.
  • Integration of Navigation

  • Access rights for pages
    The access rights can be set individually for every Connections Engagement Center page.

  • Page Management
    Within the Page Management tab you can specify Content Editors for each page. You can also see the page title and who modified the page. In the Action section you can edit, copy or delete a page.
  • Templating and inheritance
    You can mark an Connections Engagement Center page as template and use it to inherit from. If you are on an Connections Engagement Center page itself, open the admin panel, click on the Page Settings tab, then click on the Show Advanced button and you will see the advanced section. In this section you find a checkbox named Is Template. Check this box then click the save button on the bottom right and you will have this page as an Connections Engagement Center template.

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