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Mobile mode configuration

To integrate Connections Engagement Center in the Connections mobile app, configure the mobile-config.xml file on the Deployment Manager.

Step Instructions
1 Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and then change to the following directory of the system on which you installed the deployment manager:

2 Enter the following command to start the wsadmin client:

wsadmin -lang jython -user {admin_user_id} -password {admin_password} -port {SOAP_CONNECTIOR_ADRESS_PORT}
3 Enter the following command to access the HCL Connections configuration:

4 Check out the mobile config file to a directory of your choice and make a back-up of this file:

MobileConfigService.checkOutConfig ("<directory>", "<cell-name>")
5 Open the mobile-config.xml file, locate the <Applications> section, and add the following configuration to that section.

If you have already integrated another application, add the Connections Engagement Center configuration at the end of the section.

  <Application name="icec-app" enabled="true">
  <ApplicationLabel>{LABEL for Connections Engagement Center}</ApplicationLabel>
6 Locate the <ApplicationsList> section, and add the Connections Engagement Center application to this list.

7 (Optional) To select the Connections Engagement Center as Default Application in the Connections Mobile App, locate the <DefaultApplication>Updates</DefaultApplication> section and replace it with the name you used for the <Application enabled=true name=icec-app> setting.

<!-- DefaultApplication: The application that the user is taken to after the login.--> <DefaultApplication>Updates</DefaultApplication>
8 (Optional) To hide the navigation or address bar, locate the <ApplicationURL> section and add the following parameter: ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar or ibmextintegrated=hideNavigation.

ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar hides just the address. The navigation buttons and action button will remain.

ibmextintegrated=hideNavigation hides the whole navigation bar. The web page must have web-based controls for navigation to provide previous, next, and reload functionality.

For example, to remove the address bar you would create the following URL:<ApplicationURL>https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}/xcc/mobile?page={MOBILE_PAGE}&ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar</ApplicationURL>
9 Check in the configured file with the following command:

MobileConfigService.checkInConfig(<directory>, <cell-name>)
10 Open the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/mobile directory, then copy the icec folder from of the Connections Engagement Center package's mobile folder to the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/mobile folder.
11 Finally, fully synchronize the nodes first and restart the HCL Connections servers.
12 Now you can use the Connections Engagement Center in the HCL Connections Mobile App on iOS and Android devices.

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