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Creating a wiki page

With Editor access, you can create a wiki page and add content to it so you can share information with community members.

Note: For information on wiki roles, see Assigning app roles for community members.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Communities and select the community that you want to contribute to.
  2. In the community Highlights page, in the Wiki area, click Create a Wiki Page. Alternatively, click Wiki in the community menu then New Page in the sidebar.
  3. Enter a name that describes the content of the wiki page.
  4. You can add a variety of content types to the page, for example:

    • To layout and format your content, use the extensive formatting options, such as Paragraph Format, Font Names, and Font Sizes.
    • To attach an image to the page, use Insert/Edit Image. Learn more about other content that you can add using the rich text editor.

What to do next

Want to get notified about updates to a community wiki or wiki page? Open the wiki or wiki page and, in the Following Actions area, click Follow this Wiki and Follow this Page.

Parent topic: Creating information in a community wiki

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