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Downloading folders

You can download a compressed copy of a folder’s contents to a specified location. Downloading folders is disabled by default. If you need this function, contact your administrator.

  • To download a folder:

    1. In the sidebar, select the folder that you want to download.
    2. Click the arrow next to the folder name in the action bar, then select Download. The compressed file can be a maximum of 4 GB, and does not include subfolders.
  • If you perform multiple compressed folder downloads of selected folders, the first is named Subsequent downloads are named the same but with numbers appended, such as folder(1).zip, folder(2).zip. You can rename the compressed files later.

If any of the file names you are downloading to the compressed file contain non-English characters, you can use the Global (default) setting. This setting informs the compression program to use UTF-8 characters so that all file name characters can be properly processed during compression. If the file names inside the compressed file are not displayed correctly after you choose the Global (default) setting, click Global (default), specify a language value when prompted, and reprocess the download.

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