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Collaborating on files and folders

With Files you can collaborate with others on specific files and groups of files or folders.

You and others can upload files for central storage and optionally share them with people you designate. Controlling access to files enables you to be specific about who can see and act on files that you share and on files that are shared with you.

If your organization uses HCL Connections Docs, you can further collaborate with others by using co-editing capabilities within uploaded documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

  • Sharing files and folders
    As a file or folder owner you can keep your files private, or make them readable or editable by people and communities you select, visible to everyone in your orgniztion, or shared only within a community. Sharing files or folders with communities is not available to HCL Connections Files subscribers.
  • Working with files
    Depending on the access level you have to files, you can view, like or recommend, or edit them.
  • Working with folders
    What you can do with folders that you do not own depends on the access level that you have.

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