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Transferring a file to a new owner

You can transfer one or more files that you own to a different owner, provided that the files aren't community files.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Files, and then locate your file.

  2. From any file view (thumbnails, list, or customized), select the checkbox next to the file or files that you want to transfer.

  3. Click Transfer Ownership in the action bar.

  4. Type the name of the person you want to assign as the new file owner, and select their name from the list.

    Screenshot of dialog window to transfer file ownership

  5. Add tags to the files being transferred. For example, you could add a tag to indicate who is transferring the files or the reason for the transfer.

  6. Once you're ready to give up your access to the files, click Transfer.

Transferring file ownership gives the new owner the appropriate access. For more information, see Working with files. Some values associated with the file might display differently than those associated with files of an original owner. Some examples are:

  • In the side panel of a file page, the Created field on the About tab shows the new owner's name rather than that of the person who originally created it.
  • On the Sharing tab in the side panel, the new owner is listed as both Owner and Editor/Reader if the file was previously shared with them. The new owner still sees the file in their Shared With Me view.
  • A transferred file might remain in a folder created by the original owner.

Note: If you prefer not to transfer the files yourself, you can ask your administrator to reassign ownership in bulk. For more information, see Transferring ownership of user files in the Administering Connections Help.

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