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Keeping up with notifications

No matter where you are in HCL Connections, you can open the Notification Center and scan for important commitments and updates to keep you plugged in and on task.

Notifications can help you stay on track or swiftly shift gears depending on what is required in the moment. The Notifications bell Notifications alarm bell persists on all applications in the navigation bar. When notifications are available, a badge displays indicating the number of updates for you, for example . Click the bell icon to view your notifications. The dot that appears next to an update indicates its unread or read status.

The following are some actions you can take.

  • Scan your tasks to see what tasks are due.

    If Outlook is configured for your deployment you can see Outlook tasks in the Action Center.

  • View recent notifications or focus on top updates from the people and communities you pinned.

  • Click an update to view in full and respond to it.

  • Mark updates as read.

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