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Administering Blogs from the user interface

Make site-wide changes on your Blogs server from the Blogs user interface.

As the Blogs administrator, you can make site-wide changes to the blogs for your organization directly from the Blogs user interface. To do so you must browse to the Blog site using a URL similar to: http://BlogServerName/blogs. Once the site opens, login as an Administrative user. After login, click the Administration tab. This page allows you to make site-wide configuration changes.

From this location you can:

  • Specify settings for the Blogs home page
  • Specify settings for what blog creators can do – for example, whether they can apply custom themes or specify trackback links
  • Administer users.
  • Manage the cache

  • Configuring an administrator for Blogs
    By default, no user is set to administer Blogs. If you have not already done so, use this procedure to designate a Blogs administrator.

  • Managing the Blogs Homepage blog
    The Blogs Homepage blog serves as the main page for your Blogs deployment and has some special considerations.
  • Specifying site-wide setting for Blogs
    Specify site-wide setting for all blogs in your organization.
  • Managing a community blog
    After you add a blog to a community, you can manage the blog from either the community or from the My Blogs page of the Blogs application. However, you can only manage membership from the community.
  • Administering Blogs users
    As the site administrator, you can directly manage a user's blog.

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