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Using Profiles and Communities business cards

Extend your web application by integrating the Profiles and Communities business cards in to the application.

The Profiles business card provides a snapshot of your profile information and contact details. You can adapt the card to change the information that it includes. For example, you can add or remove links, and customize the contact and location information that displays on the card. The Communities business card displays the image associated with the community, and includes key links that allow users to quickly navigate to a community from the application in which the card is deployed.

Note: The use of JavaScript™ Object Notation with padding (JSONP) technology in the Profiles and Communities business card will be deprecated in future releases. Although JSONP will continue to be supported, if you are integrating the business card in to your web application and you want to prevent JSONP data from being transmitted by HCL Connections, you must use an Ajax proxy.

HCL Digital Experience includes an Ajax proxy. For more information, see HTTP proxy for Ajax applications, also known as Ajax Proxy in the Digital Experience documentation.

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