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Customizing the Profiles user interface

Specify which attributes should display in Profiles based on the needs of your organization.

In prior releases, customizing attributes for Profiles user interface display was done using the profiles-config.xml file. That customization is now done using a set of supplied template files and the FreeMarker Templating Language (FTL). This method provides greater customization flexibility.

Use the information in this section to customize your user interface templates.

  • Customizing display using templates
    Customize various sections of the Profiles application using the supplied template files. You can choose to modify the set of standard and extension attributes that are rendered in the user interface for a profile record. Extension attributes of type XML are not provided for use by template authors. You can also modify the structure of the layout of content using the flexibility provided by the FreeMarker Template Language.
  • Template data model
    Learn about the data made available for use by your customization templates.
  • Template configuration options
    You can configure how templates are used in your deployment.

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