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Configuring additional HCL Connections applications

You must perform additional tasks to enable type-ahead search, and configurin Sharing with MS Teams in HCL Connections.

  • Setting up type-ahead search
    Enable type-ahead search in HCL Connections™ to suggest items in the search box based on content that is relevant to each user.
  • Installing Customizer Lite
    This topic describes how to install Customizer Lite. There are two deployment options, hereby referred to as Customizer Lite and Customizer Lite HA. Customizer Lite – the most basic deployment using a single Docker node running a single instance of each required service and Customizer Lite HA – a more resilient deployment using a pair (or more) of Docker nodes all running instances of each required service with requests load balanced across available nodes.
  • Configuring Share Application
    Sharing anywhere in HCL Connections is possible through the Share feature.
  • Installing HCL Leap Surveys
    Starting in Connections 8.0 CR2, if you want to be able to conduct surveys within communities to capture data and share it easily with your community, enable HCL Leap.

Parent topic: Post-installation tasks