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Designating global moderators

Assign users to the role of global-moderator so they can moderate content for blogs, forums, and community files from a central interface.

In order for a user to moderate content, they must be assigned the global-moderator role for the Moderation, Communities and Common applications and for the applications you want moderated, which can be Blogs, Forums and Files.

  1. To map users to a global moderator role, complete the following steps:
  2. Map a user to a global-moderator role:

    1. Expand Applications > Application Types, and then select WebSphere enterprise applications. Find and click the link to the application that you want to configure.

    2. Click Security role to user/group mapping.

    3. Select the check box for the global-moderator role, and then click Map users.

    4. In the Search String box, type the name of the user to assign to the role, and then click Search. If the user exists in the directory, it is displayed in the Available list.

    5. Select the user or group name from the Available box, and then move it into the Selected column by clicking the move button.

    6. Click OK.

    7. Click OK, and then click Save to save the changes.

  3. Synchronize and restart all your WebSphere® Application Server instances.

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