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Populating the Profiles database

Populate the Profiles database with data from the LDAP directory.

  • Spend time planning your Profiles population, integration, and customization.
  • Involve all the relevant stakeholders at an early stage of the planning process.
  • If possible, release the Profiles rollout in phases and get feedback from pilot users.
  • Pre-populate Profiles photos.
  • Plan for business card use and for Sametime® presence awareness.
  • Ensure that IBM Security Directory Integrator is correctly configured.
  • Consider using Security Directory Integrator to populate the LDAP and then to populate the Profiles database.
  • If your database uses a database driver that requires Java 8, or you otherwise require Java 8 when running Security Directory Integrator, see this article for instructions: Using IBM Security Directory Integrator with Java 8 and HCL Connections 6.5 or 7.0. Then see the instructions that follow in this section. Note that you must use the manual population method when using Java 8, not the population wizards.

You have to create the Profiles database before installing HCL Connections so that the installer can link to it during the installation of Connections. Nothing gets written to the database during installation but all the databases have to exist. Performing user population is a recommended pre-installation task; however, you can perform the user population after the installation or in parallel with installation, depending on the size of your LDAP directory.

Parent topic: Pre-installation tasks