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Add External TinyMCE Plugins

Where additional customization is required, custom plugins can be loaded into TinyMCE.

  1. Using a plain text editor, open config/config.js in the extracted Tiny Editors for HCL Connections package.

    Note: Use a plain text editor to avoid inserting invalid formatting or symbols into config.js. Do not use a rich text editor such as Microsoft Word for editing configuration files.

  2. Locate the property externalPlugins and modify the array to customize the external plugin configuration using the following resources:

    externalPlugins: [
        name: 'demo',
        url: '/connections/resources/web/tiny.demo/plugins/demo/plugin.min.js',
        on: ['wikis']
  3. Continue configuring the Tiny Editors integration or continue with the installation.

Parent topic:Configuring the Tiny Editors integration