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What's new in HCL Connections 8.0 CR1

Find out about features that are new or updated in this release of HCL Connections.

Attention: Connections customers are given a transition period to prepare for the new Connections 8.0 user experience. During the transition period, no defect fixes or enhancements will be made to the Connections 7.0 UI. Customers must plan to transition to the Connections 8.0 UI by HCL Connections 8.0 CR2. To switch to the 8.0 experience, see Enabling the Connections 8.0 user experience.

What's New in HCL Connections 8.0 CR1 and Component Pack 8 CR1

Technical optimization

A powerful editing experience in HCL Connections

The TinyMCE Editor is an alternative, rich-text editor that provides extra features and extensive customization options to users. To install, refer to Optional: Installing and configuring Tiny Editors for HCL Connections.

The user interface now supports bi-directional languages

The Connections 8.0 CR1 UI supports Arabic and Hebrew. Refer to Supported languages for additional information.

Onboarding tour of the new Connections

Users visiting Connections for the first time, in general or since upgrading to 8.0, can quickly get acquainted with the latest offerings through the welcome tour. The tour provides a succinct introduction to the new UI and its features, for example the supercharged search, new navigation, and universal share and upload.

Note: You can configure the tour in many ways, including enabling or disabling it and defining when it should appear to users. For more information on configuring the welcome tour, see Customizing the welcome tour.

Interested in Connections Mobile?

Check out the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android for the latest information and release. Refer to HCL Connections Mobile product documentation for additional information.

What's new for end users

For more information about new end-user features and functions in HCL Connections 8.0 CR1, see What's new in HCL Connections?