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What's new in HCL Connections 8.0 CR2

Find out about features that are new or updated in this release of HCL Connections.

Attention: Connections customers are given a transition period to prepare for the new Connections 8.0 user experience. During the transition period, no defect fixes or enhancements will be made to the Connections 7.0 UI. Customers must plan to transition to the Connections 8.0 UI by HCL Connections 8.0 CR2. To switch to the 8.0 experience, see Enabling the Connections 8.0 user experience.

Also, updates have been made to HCL Support Statement. For details, see the HCL Connections support statement section.

What's New in HCL Connections 8.0 CR2 and Component Pack 8 CR2

System requirements

Note that userprefs-service and references to it in the code have been removed, but this does not affect the integrity of the build, including Component Pack functionality.

Using HCL Leap with HCL Connections

HCL Leap can be used to create applications, including but not limited to polls and surveys, for your community. To install, refer to Installing Leap Surveys.

Using HCL Sametime 12 with HCL Connections

HCL Connections has been updated to support Sametime awareness and chat for Sametime Version 12. Once enabled, a user's profile and business card will display their Sametime status and you can start a Sametime chat with that user via the Sametime web client. See Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server to enable this feature.

HCL Connections Mail plug-in support for Verse

Optional configuration Mail and Calendar plug-ins are now set to point to HCL Verse by default. Refer to HCL Connections Mail Plug-in support for Verse article for additional information.

Context roots customization

HCL Connections no longer supports context roots customization starting from Connections 8.0 onwards. For details, refer to End of Support for customization of the context roots article for more details.

A powerful editing experience in HCL Connections

A new release of TinyMCE Editor v4.9.2. is now available. The TinyMCE Editor is an alternative, rich-text editor that provides extra features and extensive customization options to users. To install, refer to Optional: Installing and configuring Tiny Editors for HCL Connections.

Interested in Connections Mobile?

Check out the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android for the latest information and release. Refer to HCL Connections Mobile product documentation for additional information.