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Adding a file to HCL Connections for Mac

Add a file from your desktop to HCL Connections for Mac.

When you add a file from your desktop to your local My Drive folder, a copy is made on the corresponding server. The files are synced so that changes made to one copy of the file are also made to the other.

Note: Syncing is designed for content that you own, or for personal or community files that are shared with you, so the Add to My Drive option is not available for community-owned files (that is, files uploaded directly to a community rather than files that are shared with a community) or library files in a community.

  • Drag and drop a file into your local My Drive folder.

    Important: Although the Add to My Drive menu option is not available for community files, you are able to drag a community-owned or community library file into your My Drive folder. Note that this creates a copy of the file. Changes made to the community file are not synched to the personal copy in your My Drive folder. Changes you make locally are synched.

  • Save a file to your My Drive folder from a desktop application.

  • To begin syncing a file after it has already been added to Connections:

    1. In a web browser, navigate to your My Drive folder in Connections.

    2. Click the Add Files button. Select the file you want to sync and click Add Files.

      You can also add folders to My Drive and use them to organize groups of files.

All content in your My Drive will update automatically when changes are made locally or to server copies.

To stop syncing a file, for example, when you do not want changes that you make to a local file copied to the server copy, right-click on a file in your Connections sync folder and choose HCL Connections. Click the Remove from sync button in the Sync tab and click Remove in the following dialog box to confirm. The file is removed from the local sync folder but the server file is preserved. To remove the local file and the server copy, click Delete from Server.

Note: It is possible to add a file to My Drive more than once. For example, you can add it directly, then add it later as part of a folder. Removing a file from My Drive removes that instance of it but the file might continue to sync if it resides elsewhere in My Drive.

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