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Setting preferences for HCL Connections plug-ins for Microsoft Windows

Set preferences for the HCL Connections plug-ins for Microsoft™ Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Windows™ Explorer.

Setting preferences

Open a document in any Microsoft Office application or from Microsoft Outlook, click the HCL Connections tab, and then click Preferences. Or from Microsoft Windows Explorer, right-click HCL Connections, and then click Preferences.

Preference Description
Email settings Select Use Mail application and specify an email provider, such as HCL Notes. This is the email that the plug-in uses for notifications. Select Use mailto: protocol to use the default email.
Show Desktop icon Places an icon for the plug-in on your desktop.
Show Windows Explorer Context Menu Extension This controls whether the HCL Connections context menu displays when you right-click a desktop file.
Enable beta features Check this box if you want to enable beta features for the plug-in. This will give you access to features in a pre-release state. You may need to log in again before you can see new features. Note: Beta features are generally not documented or fully supported and are intended to give you a preview of what is coming in a future release.


Preference Description
Site URL The URL for the Connections or Connections Cloud server you are connecting to.
Display name The name of the server.
User name The user name that you use to log in to Connections or Connections Cloud.
Password The password that you use to log in to Connections or Connections Cloud.
Authentication type By default, the plug-in authenticates with the HCL Connections server using basic authentication. If you are connecting to a Connections Cloud server, select Connections Cloud Authentication. If your administrator implemented an alternate authentication mechanism in the environment in which the HCL Connections server is running, you might be instructed to edit the authentication settings.
Preference Description
Alert me when I save a draft When this option is enabled, a message notifies you when you save a draft.
Enable automatic deletion of drafts When this option is enabled, unpublished drafts are deleting on the schedule you specify.
Ignore local changes made to files with these extensions Specify extensions for types of files you do not want to save as drafts. Be sure to specify extensions using the format .<extension\_name>. For example, .exe.

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