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Activity Stream

Displays the activity stream using the content options that you select.

Content source

By default, this widget uses the classic home page layout with information from the "Following" view.

widget showing stream from a default home page

You can modify the primary source of content and the view to display, as well as some additional options.

The activity stream can draw information from the following places:

  • Layout of Connections classic home page: In the Layout field, click Default to use the layout and information from this page.
  • Layout of Orient Me home page: In the Layout field, click New.

    Note: For this widget, choosing this option uses a layout with a more modern look and feel, but the views available for the content are the same as those for the classic home page.

  • A community: Skip the Layout field and click Show Community, and then type the community's name in the Source field.

The Default Source field indicates which view of the content is displayed in the activity stream; your choices depend on whether you selected a home page or community.

  • Classic and Orient Me home page views
    • Following - Shows updates to people and things that users are following, and responses to their content
    • Status Updates - Shows updates from users' networks, and people and communities that they are following
    • Discover - Shows what people are sharing and new connections that users can make
  • Community update views
    • All - Shows a summary of recent activity in the community, including status updates from community members.
    • Status Updates - If the administrator enabled this feature in the community, shows the posts that community members make to the community.

Tip: If you want to include all of the views for the selected primary source (with the selected view being the default), select the Show Navigation option to allow users to switch between views. If you want to only show only the selected view, make sure that the Show Navigation option is cleared.

Expected format

Enabling the following options determines if the associated elements are displayed in the stream:

  • Show Sharebox - If enabled, shows a text area for users to share status updates and files.

    Note: Users cannot use @mentions within this text area.

  • Show Navigation

    • If no community is in use, shows a navigation with three navigation points ("Following," "Status Updates," and "Discover").
    • If a community is in use, shows a navigation with two navigation points ("All" and "Status Updates").
  • Show Join Community Button - If enabled, shows a "Join Community" button when the source of a stream is a community, so that a user who isn't a member of the community can join it and post status updates.