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Display of events or campaigns. Content is maintained by the events of a Community

View by month, week, week (list), day, day (list), and upcoming events


Content source

A Connections Community is configured as content source for this widget. This Community has to contain a calendar (events).

Expected format

Depending on the selected view, all Community Events of the current view are displayed in the widget. The different channels are displayed in different colors. The default setting is set to three different colors. Also there should be a forward and back button to navigate through the dates. You can jump back to today via the today button. Also you can select a Date to jump to with a date picker. If you want to go to another view, you can easily click on the view.

At a click on an event entry an Embedded Experience Pop Up opens up on the right side next to the widget. The pop-up contains the complete content of the event, including all comments and attending persons. The user has the options available to follow/unfollow, attend/unattend, comment or like/dislike the event. It also includes an Open in Community... link under the description to the actual event.

The mouse-over shows a tool tip with further information about the event.

To automatically display the source Community's title add %sourceName% into the widget title field.

Configuration options for Admin/Page Editor

Available Views in Settings: Month, Week, Week List, Day, Day List, Upcoming