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Handling external images

Use the Admin Dashboard to control how HTTP images pulled from the web can be displayed in Connections Engagement Center.

From Global Settings in the Admin Dashboard, you can select how to handle external images in your Engagement Center:

  • With the Enforce HTTPS option (default), images originating in HTTP are pulled by Engagement Center using its security context (HTTPS). This option prevents the browser from warning users about insecure content.

    Note: With this option, sometimes HTTP images fail to load.

  • With Use Proxy, if your environment has a proxy server, the proxy loads the images, maintaining the browser's security context.

    For information on setting up a proxy server, see HCL Connections proxy configuration.

    You must also configure the proxy with a whitelist.

  • With Allow HTTP, images sourced from HTTP are directly loaded inside Engagement Center (HTTPS) pages, causing some browsers to warn users of the insecure content.

    Tip: Use this option when a proxy server is not available and images sourced in HTTP cannot be loaded with HTTPS.

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