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Internet Explorer compatibility mode

To activate the Internet Explorer compatibility mode, two custom properties can be set in the Admin Dashboard.

  • override-x-ua-meta: This property is used to set the metatag <meta http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible> on top of the page.
  • override-x-ua-header:This property is used to set the HTTP header (X-UA-Compatible).

In order to change settings for the IE compatibility mode:

  1. Open the Connections Engagement Center in your browser as an administrative user
  2. click on Customize
  3. Go to the Tab Connections Engagement Center Settings
  4. Now click on the Global Settings button

The Connections Engagement Center Admin Dashboard will open in a new browser tab. Now click on the Custom Properties tab and create the properties you want to use.

In order to maximize Connections Engagement Centers performance, property values are cached for a time span of 5 minutes. Changes to properties may lead to an effective delay of 5 minutes until they appear in the browser.

If the values are not set, no header or metatag will be created.

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