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Connections Engagement Center

Connections Engagement Center provides the corporate office, management, and workforce with a single user experience for all communications, as well as a state of the art enterprise social collaboration features and the possibility of adding custom applications. All this runs at the office and on all mobile devices, so the entire workforce – from CEO to intern – can access this most valuable tool regardless of where they are, what their role is, or what devices they prefer.

Why use Connections Engagement Center?

Increases Connections adoption

  • Employees have a reason to access the integrated internal communications
  • People benefit from structured content
  • New hires discover content faster
  • Many people in your organization can be involved with maintaining pages

Increases communication

  • Internal communications are made social
  • Content publishing, liking, and commenting is integrated into the activity stream and will be noticed by peers
  • Responsibility can be effectively delegated to line of business
  • Page Editors can create, publish, and curate content
  • Avoids content fragmentation, overlap, redundancy, inconsistency, and governance problems

Authoring is a snap

  • Creating content is really easy, no technical training required (management compatible)
  • Everything is in one place: authors do not need to choose between two systems to publish their content

Improves employee intranet experiences

  • Eliminates the dichotomy between top-down communication and peer-to-peer collaboration and create a truly integrated social intranet
  • Everything is in one place, employees do not need to choose where to browse and search content
  • Communication and collaboration are either on the same page or available within one click
  • Personalized content
  • Mobile experience

  • Overview
    Connections Engagement Center is a single, accessible hub for organizational news and content within HCL Connections, enabling users to create and manage web content efficiently. People get engaged with finding, creating, owning, and promoting content to improve intranet communication. All content can be found in one place. Communication and collaboration are on the same page or one click away. Connections Engagement Center makes it simple and easy for users to create content; there's no need for multiple systems to create and publish content. This documentation explains and describes role concepts, site structure, functions of the various Connections Engagement Center features and their usage and configuration.

  • Installing and configuring Connections Engagement Center
    This section provides instructions for upgrading an existing XCC Web Content Management Extension to the Connections Engagement Center. For fresh installations, instructions are provided for planning, creating a database, installing, and then configuring the Engagement Center. Also included are browser links to access the various modes of Connections Engagement Center, and instructions for uninstalling Connections Engagement Center.

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