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Membership roles - who does what

The actions that people can perform in a community depend on the role that they're assigned. Find out what owners or members can do.

What can members do?

Members can perform the following general tasks:

  • View community content.
  • View community membership details.
  • Edit content in the available apps, for example contributing content to wikis, blogs, and forums.

What can owners do?

When you create a community, you're the owner. In addition to the tasks that a regular member can perform, community owners can:

  • Manage the community, for example updating the community name and description, or adding and removing tags.
  • Membership management, for example adding, importing, or removing members.
  • App management, for example adding or removing apps.

What can non-members do?

If you're not a member of a public or moderated community, you can do only the following:

  • View community content.
  • View community membership.
  • Join a community by clicking Join this Community (publicopen communities) or Request to Join this Community (moderated communities).
  • Community owners of restricted communities might allow you to see the community's name, description, tags, and owners so that you can request to join it. You can see community details of these communities in the Discover tab of the Communities app.

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