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Importing multiple members

Add or invite multiple people to join your community using a series or spreadsheet file containing their email addresses.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Communities and select any community that you own and want to add members to. You can click the Filter by icon Filter by icon and select I'm an Owner from the list to see all the communities that you have Owner access to.
  2. In the community menu, click Members then Import Members.
  3. Select your desired action:
    • If you want to automatically add people as either members or owners, select Add people to the community as then either Members or Owners from the drop-down list.
    • If you want to invite people who you think might be interested in joining your community, select Invite people to the community.
  4. Select how to import people using their email addresses:
    • To enter or paste a series of email addresses, select Enter comma-separated email addresses then enter the email addresses of the people that you want to add or invite. Make sure the email addresses are separated by a comma.
    • To upload a comma-separated value (.csv) file, select Select a CSV file of email addresses then click Choose File to select the file from your local system.
  5. Click Import.

Note: If the community is external and you enter an email address for a person who is outside of your organization, or your file contains an email address for a person who is outside of your organization, you are prompted to send that person a guest invitation after you click Import. Guest members must first accept the invitation to join as a guest user before they can access the communities to which they have been imported as members.

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