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Organization Global and community metrics

Metrics are collected on two levels: Organization Global and Community. You can then view reports as tables or charts that you refine by selecting options such as the time period to report on or a particular application to focus on.

Organization Global metrics

Organization Global metrics report on overall usage; for example, the total number of people who logged in to HCL Connections™HCL Connections Cloud in the last 7 days.

Administrators, including stakeholders or others who have access to organization global metrics, can view organization metrics.

People with access to Organizationglobal metrics can modify the report by customizing the reporting period, sorting people into categories, and displaying more detail.

Community metrics

Community owners can view metrics for their own communities by clicking the Metrics link in the Community navigation paneOverview page.

Community metrics reports focus on a particular community. For example, the number of people who logged in to the Sales community last week.

Report formats

Reports are presented as tables, charts, or other types of graphs. Reports are designed with a time filter that categorizes data in the displays for one of the following intervals:

  • Last seven days
  • Last four weeks
  • Last quarter
  • Last twelve months
  • All years

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