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Managing apps and widgets on the Highlights page

Modify and manage the apps that you added to your community Highlights page.

From the community Highlights page, beside the name of the app that you want to work with, click the Menu icon App or widget menu icon. Then perform any of the following:

  • To work with app settings, select Edit. The available settings differ depending on the type of app that you're working with. Some apps cannot be edited.
  • To change the app title, select Change Title. The title of some apps cannot be changed.
  • To temporarily remove the app from the community, select Hide. The app is removed from the Highlights page but remains in the community navigation bar.

    To restore the hidden app and its contents:

    1. From the Highlights page, click Customize.
    2. In the Apps tab, select Hidden Apps.
    3. Select the app you want that you want to add back.
    4. To remove an app from the Highlights page, select Remove Widget. The configuration of the widget is saved and will apply the next time you use the widget.

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