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Working with files

Depending on the access level you have to files, you can view, like or recommend, or edit them.

File permissions

There are three primary levels of access for any file: private, shared with specific people or communities with either Reader or Editor access, and public. To see what access you and others have for a file, click on the file to open the file page and click Sharing.

File owners can allow other people to share files. When someone shares a file with you, they can give you Reader or Editor access. When a file is given public access, anyone can read and download it, even people who are not logged in. After they log in, people can also share the file, add it to a folder, comment on it, and receive notifications when someone edits it or comments on it.

Option Reader Editor Owner
Transfer file ownership
Allow others to share a file
Edit a file
Upload a new version of a file
Restore a version of a file
Edit file properties on your own file or someone else's file

1. From the navigation bar, click Files.

2. Click My Files or the Shared With Me in the sidebar, and then select the list viewList view icon in the action bar.

3. Click More next to the file whose properties you want to edit.

4. Click More Actions and then select Edit Properties from the list.

5. Change the file name, description, or file extension.

6. Click Save.
Move a file
View a file
Comment on a file

1. From the navigation bar, click Files and then locate the file you'd like to comment on.

2. Click the file name to open it, and then click the Comments tab.

3. Click Add a comment.

4. Type your comment, and then click Post.
Download a file
Like a file
Share a file
Follow a file

1. From the navigation bar, click Files.

2. From one of the files views, for example My Files, select the list view in the action bar.

3. Click More next to the file you want to follow, then More Actions and select Follow to get notified of changes to the file, such as edits or comments.
Add a file to one of their folders

Note: To add a file to a folder you do not own, you must have Editor access to the folder.

Parent topic: Collaborating on files and folders

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