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Inviting a person to your network

Ready to start collaborating? Invite someone to join your network. Once they accept, they'll be added to your Network Contacts and you can view each other's status updates.

To invite a person to your network:

  1. Open the person's profile, and click Invite to My Network.
  2. Keep the default message or write a message of your own.
  3. Enter the keywords that define how you are connected in the Add tags for name field.
  4. If you want updates from this person to display on both your home page and in an email summary of updates, select the checkbox for Also Follow.

    A screenshot of the Invite to My Network window, where you can write a message, add tags, and follow the person you want to connect with.

  5. Click Send Invitation.

After the person accepts your invitation, they are added to your network. From there, you can share a status or file with them.

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