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Getting recommendations

Make new connections and expand your network with the People you may know app. The People you may know app recommends people for you to add to your network based on your existing connections, tags, organizational relationships, and actions.

Using the People you may know app

To access the People you may know app, click People from the navigation bar, and then click My Network.

Use the People you may know app in the following ways:

  • To see how a recommended person is related to you, select their profile picture from the sidebar.
  • To invite someone to join your network, select the person's profile picture and click Invite to Connect.
  • If you don't want a person to appear in the People you may know app, click Remove.
  • To view someone's business card, hover over their name. From the business card, you can do the following actions:
    • To send an email, click the person's email directly from their business card.
    • To view the person's profile, communities that they belong to, and their content in other apps, click the More actions icon and select which information you'd like to see.
  • To scroll through the suggested profiles, click the photo on either side of the middle photo.

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